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Grup Cafès Batalla


Food – coffee





With over 60 years of history, Cafès Batalla is the oldest coffee roasting company in Lleida, specialised in the hotel, restaurant, catering and food sectors. When the Colombian coffee reaches its premises, it goes through a highly demanding tasting and selection process to ensure the finest bean. After the selection, the aeration roasting system ensures the best cup of coffee.

These coffee artisans work to promote the culture of coffee by offering advice courses to their clients and using the latest technology combined with the coffee-making tradition. They have been pioneers in social and environmental responsibility. Cafès Batalla, along with supplying coffee to its clients, offers a client assistance service. It brings together different brands giving it a major presence in the market: Tarrazú, Tolesa, La Garza, Industria Artesana del café – Cafés Aroma and Invercafé.

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