Increased sales

  • Implementation of awareness-raising campaigns.
  • Search for new sales and promotion channels.
  • Tools of differentiation at the point of sale and offers in the distribution channels.
  • Tools to invigorate the products at the points of sale, making them more attractive for consumers.
  • Innovation and creativity in the communications field for members.
  • Concession of the use of the label Ben Fet! Catalan Quality in the company’s corporate image.

Client loyalty

  • Helps to capture and gain the loyalty of clients.
  • Encourages the consumer to recommend our companies and our way of working as references.
  • Involves and motivates workers through internal campaigns to attract and retain talent.


Synergies with other producers

  • In a global market, your counterparts are your great allies.
  • Enables synergies to be pooled with other producers as they already have access to the database of member companies.



  • We look to the world. So we identify new markets and new business ideas.
  • Participation in exchange and internationalisation campaigns.


Promoting the business culture


  • Publicising membership of a group of companies that defend territorial competitiveness, believe in business values to create an identity and value the commitment to the territory and environment
  • Strengthening the inherent promotion of the values associated with the Ben Fet! seal
  • Contributing to sustainable development
  • Offering your clients the possibility of practising responsible and informed consumption
  • Improving the credibility of the company through transparency
  • Improving the company’s public image